As if The Legend of Zelda needs mods to remain relevant in the gaming world. However, that isn’t stopping the community from trying to crack it wide open. Emulators already run the game about as perfect as it can get, leaving the open plains of Hyrule to be picked and prodded to find even more ridiculous uses with its open world.

The queen goal of them all is also already underway. Co-op is the kind of mod that would make Breath of the Wild an even better experience. Strolling around Hyrule with a buddy, knocking off huge enemies and obstacles in tandem, racing, competing, making mini-games within the world’s highly exploitable elements. It sounds like a treat, one that modders are working on delivering right now.

Over at NeoGAF, a modder by the moniker of Fooni on the REGN8 Discord posted a few images of his project, one which brings us one step closer to a fully functioning mod. The screenshots look convincing enough, but there are a lot of complications with Breath of the Wild that don’t appear in a game like Just Cause 2. Talking to NPCs provides a huge obstacle to overcome and transporting into the shrines, which take place on a different screen, also has the project members scratching their heads.

Currently, they have a basic concept working where one game replaces an NPC with a Link model and can be controlled through another controller’s commands.

All in all, they don’t believe the project will be remotely playable until even 2018. Who knows? Maybe Nintendo will even have something official announced at that point. If not, since the company decided to bring The Legend of Zelda into the modern age, it will have to deal with mods and other modern extravagances like the rest of the world’s developers have to.

Don’t think you get any special treatment, Nintendo. Welcome to the digital age, at last.