If you own a soldering iron and wish you had a digital option to plug your Nintendo 64 into, then get ready.

A video game modder by the name of Marshall is working on a DVI mod for Nintendo 64 systems. The modification would require opening up your Nintendo 64, Surgeon Simulator style, and then soldering the chip into the system. It's a high risk modification for an inexperienced solderer.

Marshall went with DVI initially because it can be easily converted to either VGA or HDMI to suit the user's needs, but increased attention has caused him to reconsider.

"I'm looking into handling digital audio as well, so you only need the HDMI cable and nothing else. It will require yet another hardware revision," he writes. The mod, which Marshall plans for a Q1 2014 release, is already intended to work with both NTSC and PAL (US/Japan and Europe) consoles.

While he won't be providing installation services, Marshall writes that "some people in the community may choose to purchase a lot of units from me and sell N64s with the board already installed."

Nintendo isn't too keen on modders, but this mod actually discourages piracy and encourages users to dig out their Nintendo hardware and cartridges, aside from the fact that it's not exactly a user-friendly installation. We hope this won't receive any legal attention from the company so that the modder can keep working on it.