How much do you love Final Fantasy VII? A lot of people claim to practically want to marry the game, but then there are people who go the extra mile to wink that love in Square Enix’s direction. Godiva chocolates and a Hallmark card aren’t going to win you any favors over this clever modder.

MakoMod has gone that extra step by transforming his PlayStation into Final Fantasy VII’s central location, the megalopolis of Midgar. The model took eight months to make from pure scratch, and it covers incredible detail including memorable locations like Aerith’s church, the collapsed Sector 7, and the opening scene’s train station. Under the hood matches the lifeless desert surrounding Midgar, and it is even wired to light up green with Mako energy when turned on.

All it needs is the Junon canon, and you can fire giant laser beams at that Wii U across the room!

The PlayStation is fully functional as well, and it is up for auction on eBay currently sitting at 355 euros ( ~$400). Think twice before your purchase though, because it is a PAL PlayStation and will only play games from the European Union.