No mistakes, just happy accidents. Modder tdc733 has uploaded the smooth, calming vocal tones of world renowned painter Bob Ross into a voice pack mod for 2K Game’s excellent strategy game, XCOM 2.

Because nothing clashes better with the intense gunfights of XCOM 2 than a fuzzy headed painter calmly explaining about the joys of Vandyke Brown and Phthalo Blue. I wonder if every time a soldier gets into a melee confrontation with an alien, does he “beat the devil out of it?”

Let’s get crazy! Even the smaller, insignificant quips are just gold!

XCOM 2 is available now for the PC, and I think I just gave you a perfect excuse to finally check it out. Mods are pouring into the title, and it is making it an even better experience. Sadly, consoles won’t be getting the release any time soon. Happy little clouds, I said it!