Square Enix is on a roll with these mobile releases. Both Final Fantasy: Record Keeper and Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius have been popular with long time fans looking for a time waster and a dose of nostalgia. And now, the latest Final Fantasy mobile game is promising to be something new altogether.

This is no nostalgia show. Square Enix is hyping Mobius Final Fantasy as the real deal: a genuine console-quality JRPG that comes crammed in a free-to-play mobile app. I don’t know how it plays or if its story comes across, but I gotta hand it to Square Enix. Those production values are off the charts for a mobile game.

The only hint of nostalgia you’ll find here is Garland, the original Final Fantasy villain, teaming up with our awkwardly dressed hero. New players will receive “Elixirs, Crystals, Summon Tickets and other special in-game items” to get their experience started off on the right foot.

Mobius Final Fantasy launches on Aug. 3 for both Android and iOS.