Square Enix has released a whole new host of Mobius Final Fantasy screenshots, and the company has spared no expense at making this mobile game look like a real-deal console experience.

The new batch of screenshots re-introduce us to a few characters we’ve only seen in passing. One is Garland, who, surprise surprise, is a hero this time around! Infamous as the first boss of the first Final Fantasy, any Garland character in following games is often thrown to the wolves as a cheap excuse of villainy. Here, he retains that same air of arrogance, but he follows our hero Wal on his quest.

The other new character is Wal’s fairy friend Echo, a magic sprite who can cast aid magic like Cure and Haste and also has the ability to summon monsters like a Cactuar.

In addition to the characters, Square Enix has also shown off Wal wearing a few of his different job costumes. There is little variation between Mobius and more traditional Final Fantasy games as how the jobs work in battle, but these classes include a defensive Knight, an offensive Warrior, a protective White Mage, and a backstabbing Ranger. Each of these comes with a special attack that will be available when a “Special Attack Gauge” fills up.

Mobius Final Fantasy will be released on smartphones later this year in Japan.