With all the excitement surrounding Final Fantasy XV, I had almost forgotten that Mobius Final Fantasy was still making its way to the English-speaking world. You can hardly blame me, though. Square Enix pushed this game as a console-quality JRPG for your phone in Japan, but after confirming the game was coming stateside, little has been said on the project.

Square Enix better hurry up if it wants to capitalize! The series is finally crawling back into the limelight this coming September, and the hype and excitement couldn’t be any stronger.

Through the Final Fantasy portal app, Producer Yoshinori Kitase gave an update on the progress of the localization, stating that it would be released in the “not-so distant future.” The game hit Japanese mobile phones exactly one year ago, but I haven’t heard much buzz surrounding it here aside from the occasional collaboration.

Chances are, we’ll be seeing an appearance at Square Enix’s E3 2016 press conference. I’ll be all over it like a Chocobo on gyshal greens, you best believe it.