By the year 2017, one mobile executive thinks that smartphones and tablets will be able to outperform the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Casual Connect is going down in Amsterdam right now, and GamesBeat was there to hear from ARM Ecosystem Director Nizar Romdan about the growth of the mobile gaming industry.

ARM is the company that makes the chip architecture for most mobile devices, and their tech is used by the likes of Nvidia, Samsung and Texas Instruments to create chips. Romdan offered that by 2017, high-end smartphones and tablets will be able to create visuals on par with those generated by the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

“Mobile hardware is already powerful…If you take today’s high-end smartphone or tablet, the performance is already better than Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It’s catching up quickly with Xbox One and PlayStation 4.”

What about the whole input issue, right? Well, Romdan indicates that the emergence of mobile virtual reality will remove the rift between phones and consoles by creating a new way to interact with the hardware.

“Our view is that mobile VR is the use case that could unlock the potential of mobile for hardcore gamers.

For once, mobile devices are on par with PC and consoles in terms of experience. We won’t have the same processing. And battery life is a problem. But it is the same user experience. That could be a game changer for mobile gaming.”

Turning your head while wearing a VR device for mobile will be the same as it is on PC or consoles, according to Romdan. Of course, he doesn’t account for the addition of controllers.

What do you think? Will mobile hardware overtake home consoles?