“I love you more than this” letterpressed card from paperwheel via Etsy

Happy Valentine’s Day, Buffalo-land. In honor of the day of love, why not put that smartphone, tablet, handheld game or laptop down and focus on that significant other instead? (Unless your idea of romance is geeking out together…which, by the way, is a valid lifestyle choice.)

No special guy or girl to speak of? Well, take heart — you’re not alone. Mobile analytics firm Flurry’s latest survey of the 20 top mobile dating apps covered a pretty large swath of romantic hopefuls. Turns out, about 17 million active users hit up apps like OKCupid’s Crazy Blind Date and Tinder, among others, for a combined 2.1 billion sessions last month alone.

According to the report, “The millions of people who use dating apps do so regularly,” with users typically firing up dating apps eight times per week with a 71-second average session time. Dating apps for gay men were even more active, seeing 22 launches per week averaging 96 seconds. Other choice tidbits broke down the demographics by platform.

Apparently there are almost twice as many men than women using dating apps on Android.


And dating hopefuls on Android tend to be younger, with more under age 25 compared to iOS.


Well that’s a new twist to the old Android vs. iOS mobile war. Do these findings surprise you, or do they line up with your experience or expectations? Let us know in the comments below.