Since third-party applications were introduced on the iPhone, people have been downloading them literally by the billions.  While it seems an innocent enough habit, it has turned into a real problem for some, and that is why a rehabilitation program has now opened in California to help people battle this growing epidemic.

Promises Treatment Center, best known for being the choice of celebrities looking for addiction treatment, is launching a new program this week to help with people who are suffering from App Addiction.  The 28-day program is aimed at helping them to get over the feelings they have that they constantly need to be checking their chosen mobile platform’s application store.

iphoneapps350“I’d wake up in the morning, and the first thing I wanted to do was see what the most popular free game apps were,” an addict named Brandon told us exclusively.  “It was beginning to take over my life, I stopped caring about work, my family … and my personal hygiene was really becoming an issue, but instead of taking a shower, I’d look for an application offered tips on new ways to conceal body odor.”

The program is to assist those afflicted with the problem to not only stop being obsessed with the latest apps, but to also to remember how to live life again without clicking on little icons.  Jon, a graduate of the beta test of the program talked about how it was almost like he learned to walk again.  “I … I had forgotten how to reserve a table at a restaurant without using OpenTable.  My … my dad took me to a hardware store and showed me you could buy an actual physical bubble level … I … I thought those only existed on the iPhone …”.  Jon had more to say, but his words became unintelligible in-between the uncontrollable sobbing.

Promises has worked for a long time with drug addiction, but a spokesman for the treatment center said, “We see this as the new heroin addiction.  When you first take away their access to apps, they get uncontrollable shakes, and break into cold sweats.”  He went on to add that there are ways you can detect if your friends are on their way to full on addiction, “Do they seem withdrawn?  Do the seem to be constantly pulling out their phone, even when it has made no sounds, ‘just in case’?  Do they have to constantly tell you about the new ‘must-have’ app?  These are all sure signs that your loved one is suffering from app addiction.”

If you feel that someone you know is suffering from app addiction, it is best to not approach them yourself, but call a professional as they can possibly turn violent when you confront them.