The Show has really become well respected as one of the best looking sports games releasing in the modern era of gaming. It’s also the only simulation style baseball game with the genuine MLB license, so it’s become sort of a bastion for diehard fans of the sport on the virtual front. It’s also exclusive to the PlayStation family.

MLB 15 The Show launches for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita this Tuesday, and that means Sony is really starting to trot out the marketing efforts levied at convincing gamers that this year’s entry is the best in the series.

That continues today with the release of a developer blog in video form that covers the graphics and lighting for MLB 15 The Show. The YouTube description for the clip sums up the work discussed nicely.

We’ve added new minor league stadiums, introduced dynamic sun generated in real-time, and as a special shout out to the grounds crews across the MLB, we’ve upgraded the grass patterns at each MLB stadium to reflect each ballpark’s unique look.

I don’t mean to take away from the quality of the graphics and lighting at work here, but that’s not really what brings The Show to life for me. It’s the extra stuff that happens in the game, those moments when it feels more like a day at the ballpark as a fan who happens to be able to control the players than a gamer playing a video game. Those little things are what makes this series so cool in my mind.

But, sure, fancy lighting and graphics certainly won’t hamper the experience.

Are you planning on picking this one up this week?