The biggest surprise of this week’s SNES Classic reveal wasn’t its existence or its lineup of games. In fact, we predicted both of those pretty well. The biggest surprise was the presence of the previous-unreleased Star Fox 2. Of course not every game sees release. But Nintendo games are legendary, so it’s hard to imagine them getting canned. And now it sounds like there’s another unfinished game, maybe even a gem, sitting on a backup drive somewhere.

Game designer Dylan Cuthbert was talking to Gamasutra about the impending release of a game he worked on over two decades ago, and he let this bit slip:

Are there any other games or prototypes in the Q-Games vault that, similar to Star Fox 2, were almost finished but never saw the light of day?

There is a game we worked on with Nintendo, one of Miyamoto’s pet projects for the DS, but apart from that I can’t divulge anything. It got canceled at about a 90% state of completion but didn’t go through Mario Club or the QA process. It was a pretty interesting project!

What could it be?

The most tempting idea is to wonder if there’s a weird Mario game or something like that sitting around, but a DS game would’ve come from the era when we were seeing games like NintendogsWii Fit, and Wii Music. I love Miyamoto’s traditional games, but if it was put on ice while those saw release, there may have been good reason.

Or maybe Nintendogs was his real pet project. Sorry.

The whole interview is fascinating. It’s not often that cancelled projects like Star Fox 2 see the light of day, and Cuthbert is still actively creating games, so it’s worth reading what he has to say.