I honestly can’t say whether or not this argument persists on message boards, social media or comment sections, but for years readers would say that Nintendo is so keen on milking Mario for all he’s worth.

I think that argument may have faded over the years as other companies began “milking” their own properties. Sony went nuts with Kratos and Nathan Drake, and Microsoft has made more Halo games than I can recall from memory alone. They all “milk” their properties.

I do know that if Miyamoto had made this statement around five or 10 years ago, message boards would have lit up with fanboy flames. “For me,” Miyamoto said about Mario in an interview with IGN, “I want to create as many different games as possible using Mario.”

When left in that context, that’s great news if you love Mario and terrible news if you hate him. In the larger context, though, Miyamoto sort of considers Mario to be his own Mickey Mouse. Those are my words, not his. Here’s what he says.

“As a child I wanted to be a manga artist, and as a manga artist usually you have this symbolic character that’s yours. And you try to use that character in many different stories and episodes that you create, almost like how Hitchcock is in every one of his movies… For me, Mario is that, and I want to create as many different games as possible using Mario. And I still think there’s a lot of potential and possibility left.”

Mario is Miyamoto’s defining, symbolic character, and it sounds like he wants to keep pushing the plumber in unique and wild directions.