Tom cruise jumping. Tom Cruise doing impossible stunts. Tom Cruise running (and shirtless!). All in a day’s work for the 52-year-old actor, who still owns the role as Ethan Hunt. I know everybody is hyped for Spectre, which is coming out this November, but judging from the first two Rogue Nation trailers, this might be 2015’s spy thriller to beat.

The latest trailer is made up of almost entirely new footage, revealing plot and giving background as to what the IMF is up to. Following the organization’s disbandment, the IMF comes under threat from a mysterious agency known as the Syndicate, which is comprised of assassins and rogue operatives. Against seemingly impossible odds, Cruise’s Ethan Hunt decides he’s going to single-handedly take the Syndicate down.

Plot aside, Mission: Impossible movies have always been about cool technology and unbelievable stunts. A stunt, for example, like Cruise hanging from the side of an airbus as it takes off (something Cruise actually did.) There are a lot of action movie cliches: “That’s impossible.” “No it’s not.” End scene. But that’s the charm of a Mission: Impossible movie. It gives audiences an escape into a world far removed from their everyday lives.

Some of the cool gizmos we spotted:

  • A puck-like suction cup that turns glass to dust.
  • A handprint scanner to open a car door.
  • Tablets!
  • A computer disguised as e-paper.
  • Tom Cruise.

I’m excited.