Misfit is back with a brand new fitness tracker. The Shine 2 promises all the simplicity of its predecessors while packing a ton of cool new tricks.

Misfit says the Shine 2 is thinner, stronger and smarter. It’s just 8mm thin and made from durable aluminum. It’s also water-resistant at up to 5 meters, making it perfect for tracking your swimming.

The company packed in 12 colorful LED lights that will let you know when you have an incoming text, call or notification. The device can also vibrate silently to wake you up in the morning or nudge you softly if you’re been sitting down for too long. It even works with the Misfit Link app to control other gadgets in your house like connected lighting, along with the music on your phone.

The Shine 2 packs in a new 3-axis accelerometer and a 3-axis magnetometer for more accurate readings, along with a 6-month battery. The company says it will work anywhere on your body, even attached to your shoe. It also features an improved capacitive touchpad for smoother controls.

Overall the Misfit Shine 2 looks like a pretty nice upgrade. It’s available in carbon black or rose gold for $99.