With Mirror’s Edge Catalyst only two months away, third-party accessory maker Performance Designed Products (or, PDP) has unveiled a special Xbox One controller bearing the game’s theme.

PDP worked with developer DICE to create the fancy controller you see at the head of this post.

The controller includes the 3.5mm audio jack in its base that lets players plug their own headphones in for solo listening. What’s unique, though, is the onboard audio control featured on the input’s directional pad.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst - Xbox One Controller - 2

When pressing the audio control button on the right side of the controller, the up and down buttons adjust volume while the right and left handle the game and chat audio mix. This is a great feature for players who game with others and find themselves fiddling with audio constantly.

The controller will go on sale starting on May 24, 2016, the same day Mirror’s Edge Catalyst releases. We’ve reached out to ask if PDP is making a PlayStation 4 version as well, but we’ve not heard back yet. We’ll update this story if they respond.