The first Mirror’s Edge was a pretty solid game taken to higher heights thanks to its impeccable presentation. I doubt that it would have the same cult following it enjoys today without the crisp, clean feeling of its city and the perfect music to compliment its sense of freedom.

Which is why securing Swedish recording artist Solar Fields is such an important step in making sure the reboot remains as loyal as possible to the original game. Solar Fields composed the soundtrack for the first Mirror’s Edge game, and he has been confirmed on the game’s official blog to be currently contracted by EA to follow up his work on the upcoming Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as well.

My job is recreating these game environments musically and enhancing moments in the game. Setting the story to music. Getting things like tempo changes perfect, and making everything sync with the gameplay is really challenging.

In addition to the confirmation, he even promised a sample of music he has written for the game. He says he bases his music after reading character bios and getting a feel for the story and pace at which it unfolds.

…all ties into the missions of the game. I’m composing a theme for a specific mission or act. Based on that theme, I’ll create different variations that fit situations like exploration or combat. For changes in situations and moods, I’ll do things like tempo changes or switches between major and minor, but still hang on to the basic feeling of the theme. And all these changes need to happen without gaps…

Oh, please sir. I want some more? Mirror’s Edge Catalyst will be released in February 2016 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.