While its critical reception might be lacking, EA says it is proud of the financial results that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is showing in the four weeks since it first launched. Likewise, it only took those four weeks for me to forget that the game even launched at all, nor is it the first game for this to happen to this year.

I mean, Quantum Break, anyone? Did that happen or something?

At any rate, speaking with GamesIndustry.biz, EA Global Publishing boss Laura Miele claims that all is well between the company the oft-requested sequel, saying that Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is “definitely meeting our expectations.”

“We are pretty happy to bring this character and this world to market. It’s a big open world game, so we made a lot of evolution from the original experience and we’re very proud of that.”

In the interview, however, she offers no specific numbers.

Following up on a cult-favorite is never an easy thing to do. Pleasing old fans and welcoming newcomers into the fold requires an abnormal level of balance that many can’t seem to get right. The general consensus is that EA’s game leans a little too much on modern day cutscenes and open-world design to really capture the direct, drop-in-and-play freedom of the original.

But as it goes, I’m not a fan of the original either, despite how much I tried to like it. How did you feel about the sequel?