In the drum up to E3, rumors have started to swell for one particular EA franchise that most gamers would love to see continue. Today we have a brand new rumor for Mirror’s Edge 2.

It appears that EA had a working Mirror’s Edge 2 help forum on its official site. The publisher does this for all announced, upcoming and current games, so seeing one for Mirror’s Edge 2 would mean that EA potentially jumped the gun on their announcement. Here’s the screenshot taken by NeoGAF’s ekim.

EA and MIrror's Edge Page

Ekim discovered the URL and its functionality. EA has since, of course, removed the page.

While certainly far from an official confirmation, this does lend even more credence to the rumor that Mirror’s Edge 2 will make an appearance at E3 2013.

If the game does show up with DICE at the helm once again, will some of your faith in EA as a company be restored?