You and I both know that the best and most charming part of the Despicable Me movies, which are good in their own right, are the Minions. Those Twinkie-shaped, mumbling servants are some of the cutest animated characters we’ve seen in awhile, and even without a very extensive vocabulary, they are entertaining simply for their slapstick routines and expressive emotions. I was skeptical a standalone film would work, but I’m powerless against the cuteness of Kevin, Stuart and Bob.

The first trailer for the standalone Minions movie is everything you’d expect: a bunch of little yellow creatures adorably worshipping the most “despicable master around.” That’s why they exist, but without someone (or something) to serve, they sorrowfully sit around without any hope or direction. That’s where the adventures of Kevin, Stuart and Bob comes in. In an effort to once again give their species a purpose, the three go off in search of a master, 42 Years B.G. (Before Gru).

Of course, managing to keep a master is much more difficult than it sounds, as the trailer shows. Incidentally, turns out the Minions have played a pretty significant part in a lot of historic events. Clocking in at just under three minutes, the trailer perfectly shows why animated movies are so fun. The Minions can’t put together a cohesive sentence, yet they manage to say a lot thanks to their bubbly personalities and love of bananas.

I’m an adult and I’m not afraid to admit I love the Minions. You’ll be able to check out Stuart, Kevin and Bob when Minions officially hits theaters on July 10, 2015.