I don’t care what your background is or how old you are, it’s impossible not to smile from ear to ear after watching the new Minions trailer.

Made up of entirely new footage, the trailer picks up where the last one left off by showing Kevin, Stuart and Bob in search of a despicable new master. Upon traveling to New York, the three “little freaks” manage to fortuitously hitch a ride to an annual event called Villain Con, where they then seek out a treacherous baddie named Scarlett Overkill, who is being played by Sandra Bullock.

The trailer is filled with the usual Minion theatrics, but it’s terrifically funny, and even though the little yellow men don’t have a robust vocabulary, they convey more emotion than some human actors. The animation looks gorgeous, too.

A big concern, of course, is that the movie just spoiled all the best jokes. There’s plenty of charm and humor between the two trailers, and it’ll definitely be a challenge to keep that up through a feature-length film. Based on what we’ve seen, however, Minions will be a massive hit. I’m not even embarrassed to say I’ll be there to see it on day one.

Respect, power, BANANA. Minions is set to hit theaters on July 10, 2015.