After years of simply clicking on enemies to kill them in Minecraft, developer Mojang has decided it’s high time to change up how combat works in the building, exploring and adventuring game.

The developer has released a test snapshot build of version 1.9. That snapshot has a changelog, gloriously titled 15w34a, that details how the system works. Click, click, clicking is still in. You can do that til your heart’s content. However, combat now works better with a click and charge system.

You’ll want to approach, say, a zombie and charge your attacks while dodging his. That adds a lot more diversity to the barebones fighting system already. Redditor Mr_Simba did some investigation, and it takes 22 clicks to kill a zombie with an iron sword. It only takes four charged attacks to kill him, though.

Combat has always felt like an afterthought in Minecraft. With the transition to consoles a few years back, though, it seems like fighting might be something Mojang should seriously tweak. Maybe this is the start of a generally fun fighting experience.