Minecraft is, without a doubt, a legitimate phenomenon. It’s one of the best-selling games of all time, and it’s appeared on almost as many platforms as Tetris. The “Better Together” update that lets most platforms play together is coming this fall, and Microsoft is celebrating it with a special edition Minecraft-themed Xbox One S. No, this isn’t some Xbox One with a Minecraft logo on it or anything like that. This system got the full treatment.

Not only has the top of the system been painted up to look like a Minecraft grass block, the back of the system features a transparent panel with light-up Redstone inside. In the package is a green Creeper-themed Xbox One controller as well. For those who prefer the Piggy-style controller shown above, that’ll be sold separately. The system will, of course, come with a code for the latest version of Minecraft on Xbox One.

Remember when we got weird console editions all the time?

I could be wrong, but I think this might be the first time we’ve seen see-through panels on a game console since the days of the zillions of Dreamcast and N64 special editions.

Either way, it looks super cool. Minecraft is an absurdly popular game even still on Xbox 360, and a system like this could be a good incentive for people to upgrade. The downside is that the system is only available – in the U.S., at least – at Target and the Microsoft Store. Amazon shoppers, you’re out of luck.

The two controllers will be available as standalone units on September 12, while the console itself will drop on October 3rd. The 1TB system is going for $399.

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