Minecraft will officially be springing into the new generation of consoles on the Xbox One this week. Developer 4J Studios and the Xbox Wire have announced that the game will be available for download on Friday, September 5th.

There is some good news for folks who own the title on the Xbox 360 already. You’ll be able to download this game on the Xbox One $4.99 instead of $19.99. All of the DLC you purchased for Minecraft on the 360 will also be free to download if you make the generational upgrade.

You’ll also be able to transfer all of your work from the 360 to the Xbox One. So, bonus.

Now, while the worlds still aren’t infinite, the Xbox Wire post indicates that they will be “up to 36 times larger” than what we saw on the Xbox 360. Sorry, that infinite bliss is relegated to the PC only currently.

The PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions of Minecraft are still not out quite yet. VG247 has it that we’ll see them this week in Europe and next in the States, though we don’t have official word on that just yet. They’re very nearly finished, as far as we know.