Minecraft on Xbox One

Have you been playing Minecraft on the Xbox 360? How long have you been assembling your blocky world? Three months? Six months? A year?

During Microsoft's Xbox One E3 presentation, the console maker announced that they'd be bringing Minecraft over to their brand new console. For those of you who have been playing the game on the 360 since launch, that might mean starting from scratch when it comes time to building your home.

Eurogamer ran a story that suggested that Minecraft Xbox One will not have access to the Minecraft Xbox 360 world saves. Phil Spencer, from Microsoft's Xbox team, took to Twitter in order to clarify that they are looking into addressing this issue.

For me, building fresh worlds in Minecraft isn't an issue. I have no problem when it comes time to scrap one environment in favor of starting a brand new one. However, there are players who take a lot of pride in what they've built during their free time. It's those folks who'd much rather be able to enjoy their old worlds on new systems than start from scratch.

Where do you stand?