When the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft receives its next title update, gamers will have the ability to purchase the first custom skin pack for the title. They'll be able to dress up their Minecraft Steves in a whole host of unique looks. The first pack will feature 40 skins, the first five of which were revealed earlier this week.

The newly revealed skins include the likes of: Master Chief, SquidMan, 'Splosion Man Scientist Danklef, Old-School Trials Evolution, Banjo, Ms 'Splosion Man and a Wizard.

This skin pack will cost 160 Points… or, at least, that's what we assume. The wording in regards to the pricing of the skin pack is a bit awkward. We assume the folks at Play XBLA indicated that the full 40 skin pack will cost a total of 160 Points; however, their wording reads as though each skin may sell for 160 points a piece.

I can't give a date for when the skin themes will be available, but I can confirm the the cost will be only 160 MSP!

We hope they mean the former of our theories. We've reached out to the publication for clarification and will update our post if they reply.

UPDATE: Confirmed in the comment section of their original post. 160 Points for the full pack.

[via Play XBLA]