Is the day finally here? Is Minecraft going to be coming to the Wii U? We’ve heard many rumors before that this partnership was eventually going to happen, but this is the closest we’ve seen these promises materialize. The European ratings body PEGI has officially rated Minecraft Wii U Edition.

The game can be played by those 7 years old and up, and more than likely, this is going to be one of the huge announcements that Nintendo makes during its Nintendo Direct presentation later today. If so, it will be a huge boost to the appeal of Nintendo’s console thanks to the unique approach that its Gamepad can bring to the Minecraft formula.

And amiibo figurines!? Don’t even get me started.

While running Mojang several years ago, Markus “Notch” Persson made claims that there were never any plans to bring Minecraft to a Nintendo platform, but he is no longer in charge. What’s even more astounding is that Microsoft now owns both Mojang and Minecraft, so my guess is that there were contracts already in place which nobody could get out of.

Either way, we’ll wait for the Nintendo Direct presentation later today to officially know what’s going on. Treat this as a rumor for now.