Last week, the European game ratings board known as PEGI listed Minecraft Wii U Edition on their site. Now, it’s gone.

Typically, ratings leaks of games are pretty reliable sources of rumor. While not outright confirmations, these listing more often than not spoil developer and publisher surprises because of their shear accuracy. Seeing Minecraft listed for the Wii U lent a lot of credence to the notion that it was coming to Nintendo’s GamePad-based home console, something Wii U owners have often suggested wanting.

Here’s what the leak once looked like.

Minecraft Wii U Leak

The game is now no longer listed on PEGI’s site. It doesn’t show up in search results.

Could this have been an accidental listing? Maybe. Its disappearance means someone noticed. Whether it was removed for spoiling the news or for being outright false remains to be seen. We’ll have more as it comes.