Minecraft Editable Books

Never fear folks, Mojang, the makers of Minecraft, are still hard at work on adding more features to the game.

After the flurry of Minecraft updates since early March, things have been a bit quiet on the development front, but that doesn’t mean the team isn’t still working on it. Especially with all the news about 0x10c lately, you would be right to be concerned that the company might forget about its hugely popular crafting game.  Luckily those fears appear unfounded.

In a post on the Mojang blog today, Jens “Jeb” Bergensten revealed that a new snapshot has been released. This is not a full update, so don’t think you need to race home and update your clients, this is very much a pre-release.  Some of things included in this new version thus far include:

  • Added editable books
  • Wooden half slabs in four colors (and they act as wood instead of stone)
  • Bug fixing and tweaks, notably about entity collisions, “picking blocks” (creative mode), and chat
  • Some other, censored stuff

The editable books is what got my attention.  From the screenshot above you can see the book is glowing, so it appears to be enchanted.  Perhaps we will be able to carry books of spells now?  There’s a lot of possibilites with this concept and it’ll be interesting to see where Mojang goes with it.

There’s no word as of yet if this is planned for a 1.2.6 update or a full 1.3 upgrade.

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[via Mojang]