We here at TechnoBuffalo have been enveloping ourselves in everything that is CES 2012. It's for that reason that you've likely not seen too many posts regarding the impending SOPA awareness day being planned by several major sites and personalities all over the internet.

On January 18th, 2012 (next Wednesday), a whole slew of sites will be taking steps to raise awareness for SOPA. Among the sites taking part is Reddit, one of the largest and most diverse online communities around the world. Reddit will go dark on January 18th. Several gaming sites, tech sites, news sites, personal sites and servers will follow the same steps.

Mojang and Minecraft will now be counted among them.

After considering whether or not Mojang should make Minecraft free to play on January 18th as a way to raise awareness, Markus "Notch" Persson, Minecraft's creator, announced on Twitter that both Minecraft.net and Mojang.com will be taken down for that day. Here's Notch's Tweet:

Decided. We'll silently take down http://minecraft.net and http://mojang.com on the 18th in protest of SOPA.

Gamers will not be able to play Minecraft online on January 18th. We suggest you read up on the bill and decide if taking action is right for you. If you live outside of the US and find yourself wondering why you should care about our laws, consider this: SOPA's passing will affect you.

The EFF has a simple and easy way to contact your representatives, if you do live in the States.

What will people do without their Minecraft?

[via Twitter]

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