If there is any belief that Minecraft is not the defining video game of its age, then it’s time to start putting those doubts to bed. Microsoft and developer Mojang have confirmed that Minecraft is still enormously successful with the game reaching over 122 million units in sales.

We last heard from Mojang back in June when the game crossed the 100 million mark. 22 million copies over an eight-month period for a game that is nearly six years old is by no means small, but what’s truly impressive about the figure is how Minecraft continues to retain players. Mojang reports that 55 million individual players continue to log in on a monthly basis, an absolutely enviable user base!

Oh, and that number is an increase from last June as well. jumping 37.5 percent from 40 million monthly users. There is still no ceiling for how high Minecraft can become.

A generation of Swedish weeaboos

My generation was unquestionably influenced by Japanese pop culture, everything from the first wave of anime to hit North America to Nintendomania in the late 80s to the explosion of JRPGs in the mid-90s to the anime boom at the turn of the millennium. Personally, all of these events led me down the life path I chose of living in Japan.

I sometimes wonder if Minecraft is going to be the kicker that a generation needs to flock to Scandinavia. Maybe instead of teaching English, they’ll all end up building furniture for IKEA someday.