If you purchased the portable edition of Minecraft for your Android or iOS device, you might have noticed that it's a bit different from the current version of Minecraft playable on computers. That's because the Pocket Edition is following an entirely separate development process that's more suitable for the mobile platform.

For a while now, Mojang has said that they will be bringing more and more features to the currently desolate world of Minecraft: PE. Those features, however, were meant to push the game towards a creative style of play rather than that of survival. Daniel Kaplan, lead developer for Minecraft: PE, posted an update on Mojang's blog in order to indicate where the portable version of this blocky wonder is headed.

A new update will come, according to Kaplan, in February.

We have planned to submit and update by February the 8th. Then Android Market and the iOS AppStore must approve it and it will be in your hands.

This first update will include the background structure for survival style of play. It will also feature brand new blocks and a few new animals. Kaplan indicates, however, that the update will not include crafting. Crafting will come later as they figure out how best to implement it for the mobile space.

Some gamers purchase the Pocket Edition of Minecraft anticipating a fully creative game. Those that are upset over news of the mobile variant moving towards a survival style will take some joy in one of Kaplan's responses on Twitter. When asked to keep a creative mode in the game, here's how Kaplan replied:

"Who said Creative would be removed? ;)"

In the land of Minecraft, I call that having your cake and eating it too.

Once this new update is in place, according to Kaplan, future updates will likely come at an even faster pace.

[via Mojang]