Until now, the Xbox One version of Minecraft was the more complete of the two on Microsoft’s home gaming consoles. It offered more achievements and more music.

That’s done with. Mojang and Microsoft have announced that the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft will get 30 new achievements with its new update. That will bring the potential Gamerscore in the game up to 1000 points.

Even further, Mojang is adding a group of tunes by C418 to the 360 version of this block placer and breaker.

Finally, all console versions of Minecraft  are getting an extra default skin. This one’s like Steve, only its name is Alex, it has red hair, a pony tail and is a virtual lady. Choice is always a good thing, and we welcome this one.

The Alex skin will go live today with an update.

More tunes and achievements? Will that pull you back into Minecraft on your Xbox 360? Or, do you prefer the adventure on other platforms?