Earlier this week, Minecraft was shown off on the Nintendo Switch. Some specs were discussed, and one of the key ones that lots of gamers care about these days is the title’s frame rate.

Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch will run at 60fps. It will also feature worlds 13 times bigger than what players had on the Wii U. The word comes from Cerium on NeoGAF as they watched the stream and summed it up for the forum.

Another person in the thread indicated that the description of the “medium” sized worlds in the Switch version of Minecraft puts it close to but not greater than the PlayStation 4’s worlds in scale.

You’ll be able to transfer yourWii U worlds… but not at launch

Microsoft also indicated that they’re working on world transfers for Wii U players jumping up to the Nintendo Switch. That is, they’d like to make it so players can bring their worlds with them if they decide to upgrade within the same platform family.

They’re working on it, but that won’t be ready at launch.

Minecraft is due for the Nintendo Switch on May 11, 2017. It’ll sell for $29.99.