Minecraft VR

It turns out that no matter how "creepy" Notch thinks Facebook is, Microsoft doesn't have a single problem with bringing Minecraft to the Oculus Rift. "Creepy" and "profitable" are not exclusive from one another after all. The company has turned the ship around for the world's most popular game and has announced that Minecraft will be appearing on the virtual reality Rift headset.

Oculus Rift's inventor Palmer Luckey made the announcement today at Oculus Connect 2, stating that the Windows 10 version of the game will have full VR support.

Minecraft stole a few headlines last March when creator Markus "Notch" Persson backed out of the Oculus Rift deal after the $2.5 billion buyout from Facebook, claiming that it was "creepy."

Of course, Notch has moved on now from Mojang and Minecraft, and no longer has any say. "Creepy" Microsoft and "creepy" Mojang have no problem collaborating with "creepy" Facebook and "creepy" Oculus Rift, meaning that they are able to put personal beliefs aside and get down to business without a strongly opinionated persona in the way.

Luckey did not provide a release date for the Rift version of the game, nor did he announce a release date for the Rift itself.