In what might be one of the more unusual pairings in recent memory, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’s Rob McElhenney has agreed to direct the Minecraft movie. And what was already going to be a strange movie is now even stranger.

McElhenney, who helped create It’s Always Sunny, is more known for his crude humor as Mac, one of the show’s main characters. And while he’s a household name to fans of the show, his resumé only features a few minor directing gigs, which pale in comparison to his new responsibility. Minecraft has become a staple of the pop culture lexicon, but Mojang apparently saw something in McElhenney to award him the job.

On his Twitter, McElhenney told Mojang that he’s ready to do something strange and wonderful. Plot details and things of that nature are still under wraps, but the project is slowly taking shape. If The Lego Movie can be a success, then a Minecraft movie can be, too. On that same note, it also means there’s more pressure to deliver.

Folks have been anticipating a Minecraft movie since the beginning of last year, but there’s likely still a long way to go. Can this film serve Minecraft’s millions and millions of fans?