Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson spoke with PC Gamer about what inspires him to design his massively successful indy hit into what it is today. Notch openly admits that what leads him to develop his project in certain ways are the games that he plays. Interestingly enough, one of the games that PC Gamer and Notch spoke about specifically was brought about because of inspiration by Minecraft, that game is Terraria.

And it was Terraria‘s boss fights that Notch commended during his talk with PC Gamer. He cited the feeling they bring to the player and discussed the notion that he’s considering adding the same type of element to Minecraft.

“I tend to get influenced by lots of things…The way they [Terraria] handle the boss fights is very interesting. Where you kind of cause the boss to appear so you can kind of battle the boss on your own terms…

That might end up somehow in Minecraft I guess. Perhaps not the same kind of ritual or whatever, but I really like that idea.”

While boss fights would absolutely be a unique addition to the Minecraft world, what Notch spoke about next was even more interesting. Minecraft is, currently, a game without an ending. It can’t be beaten, it can’t be lost and it can’t be won. Players play Minecraft simply to play, not to win. Notch thinks his game is missing purpose, though we’d argue that its beauty lies in that fact, and spoke about adding a way to win into the project.

“In most roguelikes you never win the game because it’s too difficult. But that’s not why you play. You have the goal – you know it’s winnable as a driving motivator…

I think Minecraft is lacking that, which is why I want to add some kind of way to win. But I don’t expect people to actually win the game when they play. It’s going to be some kind of guiding purpose.”

A way to win Minecraft? Not sure I like it.  What do you think of the concept?

[via PC Gamer]

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