Having achieved mind-blowing critical and commercial success on its original PC-exclusive platform, players will now be able to explore the limitless worlds of Minecraft on their consoles.

At Microsoft's press event, the company announced that Minecraft will hit the Xbox 360 this winter with Kinect support. Gamers will finally be able to use gestures to dig holes, build homes, and run away from Creepers.

Despite the fact that the popular independent title will be hitting Microsoft's console exclusively, Sony isn't at a complete loss. The game will be launching on Android soon, and is set to debut on Sony's Xperia Play.

No further details came out of the announcement during Microsoft's E3 presentation, other than the fact that it's a console exclusive for the Xbox 360. We'll be sure to bring you any additional information as it becomes available.

Are you looking forward to playing a console version of Minecraft? Would you be comfortable punching the air in front of your friends and family to gather wood? Sound off in the comments below!