Minecraft 1.7, the next update scheduled for the title, will now include pistons and only pistons. Word started from Notch on his blog and Twitter as he both cited the day the team is planning the patch and the contents of the update itself.

This was initially going to be the round that fans were to get the adventure update, one that the Mojang team has been keeping under wraps save a few screenshots and news drops. One of the few items already announced for the adventure update are underground ravines. They look massive.

Since the adventure update is going to be so huge, Notch and his team have been warning of the large delay between the last patch and this newest one. We were meant to expect a big wait between two phases of content. Well, it seems the Mojang team hates making us wait too long as they've decided to roll out a feature fans have been hoping they would see for a while now. Pistons.

"To prevent going too far between updates, we've decided to release Pistons early.

That means 1.7 will be released soon, containing only pistons and probably a couple of bug fixes. The adventure update will take however long it takes, and will be released as 1.8. It might be a long wait, but it will be worth it!"

Notch goes on to indicate that following 1.8 will be a period of "crunching" in order to get the game ready for its major, full release version this November. Following that full release, now slated for something after the week of November 11th, the Mojang team will be working on their first post-release update.

At least Minecraft is updated constantly, right?

Curious as to what the heck pistons are and what they're slated to do? It was initially a fan mod that Mojang saw, reviewed and announced they would build into the game. Check out the video at the top of this article to see them in action for the upcoming 1.7.

Minecraft is scheduled to see the piston update this Thursday.

[via The World of Notch]