In an interview with Hookshot Inc., Roger Carpenter, producer for the Xbox LIVE Arcade release of Minecraft, explained a few details regarding features for the upcoming port of Minecraft to XBLA. Among them was how multiplayer will be handled.

First of all, you’ll only be playing with friends on your playlist, so that negates the potential for griefers. Furthermore, the gameplay can be split in a variety of ways:

“The game will support four-player local splitscreen and eight players over Xbox Live, and you can mix and match the splitscreen and online modes. Also, you can only play with people on your Friends List, so there’s no griefing from strangers.”

Carpenter also explained that skins could be coming to the game in the future. While mods aren’t possible because of the closed nature of the Xbox 360 platform, Carpenter said of textures, skins and characters that “this is definitely something that Mojang, 4J Studios (the developer handling the conversion) and Microsoft are looking at…”

Finally, Minecraft will not ship for the Xbox 360 with Kinect functionality. When the Xbox version of the game was announced during last year’s E3, Microsoft indicated that the Kinect would be an optional feature for gamers. Unfortunately, that will not be the case for this game’s launch. Here it is, as explained in the interview with Carpenter when asked about launching with Kinect:

“It won’t be for launch. We took on quite a task bringing this game to Xbox 360, and we didn’t want to break Minecraft. But it’s not off the menu.”

No official release date or pricing has been given for the XBLA version of Minecraft. It’s slated for the spring of this year. As more comes for the game, we’ll have it. For now, enjoy the batch of newly released screenshots in the gallery below.

[via Hookshot Inc.]