Part of the Minecraft experience from the PC, Mac and Linux perspective is the ability to customize your character's skin. That leads to a world of Cookie Monsters, Batmen and Creepers in Tuxedos; it also leads to a world of diversity and fun.

For the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, however, there are only eight skins available for use. Those skins are assigned to your character based on how many players are on your map. In terms of customization, well, it just isn't.

Until title update 1.7.3 hits Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. Players will be able to select which of the eight default skins they want to use as soon as the patch goes live. Even further, players will be able to buy the first skin pack.

That's right, Microsoft will be selling skins for the Xbox 360 edition of Minecraft. Don't say you're surprised. They haven't announced a price point yet, but they have revealed that the first pack will include 40 skins. They've also announced five of that bunch.

Pictured above and in the gallery below are Creeper Man, 'Splosion Man, Trials Man, Covenant Grunt and King.

Will you be buying into the new skins once they drop? Are you a little cranky over the idea that Microsoft is charging for what's actually free for PC, Mac and Linux gamers?

[via Play XBLA]

Minecraft for Xbox 360 DLC Skin Pack Gallery