Minecraft and the Oculus Rift may seem like a match made in heaven, but it still took years to combine the popular game with the powerful virtual reality headset. Now Minecraft for the Rift is finally set to launch next week, putting an end to the multi-year-long saga.

The news was confirmed this week by Tommaso Checchi, who works on Minecraft Pocket for Mojang. He also admits that the game was actually supposed to hit Oculus Rift back in June, but missed that date by a couple of months. We still don’t know exactly when the game will arrive, but it’s just a matter of days at this point.

Mojang was originally set to start working on Minecraft for the Rift back in 2014, but game creator Markus Persson canceled the deal after Facebook acquired Oculus. In 2015, after Microsoft had acquired Mojang, the company reversed course and promised to support the VR headset. Now, almost a full year later, the results are hitting consumers.

To play Minecraft on the Oculus Rift, you’ll need to be running the beta version of the game, which if available for free on Windows 10 if you already have Minecraft for your computer. Of course, you’ll also need a Rift headset and a PC to power the experience. Assuming you have the proper setup, you should be ready to go once the release finally arrives next week.