This time on Minecraft Creations we set out to make something TechnoBuffalo specific. One of our own readers, Anthony Davison, asked specifically for the TechnoBuffalo logo in Minecraft form in last week’s PokeBall post. Little did he know, we were already hard at work creating exactly that.

This build required a ton of cobblestone, sheep’s wool, lapus lazuli, a relatively open field and a wonderful viewing platform. I worked with two friends completely unrelated to the Herd to make this one happen. One of us sat down for a bit and blocked out the design for the logo in, of all things, MS Paint. From there, it was a matter or building dirt scaffolding and going to town.

Here’s what we did.

What you’re looking at here are the two major components of this project. The Buffalo atop the logo to the right, and the viewing platform climbing up to the left. We actually built the logo all the way up and decided that we needed a nice, high spot to check it out. That lead to the platform.

Here’s the underside of the platform and a bit more of the logo. You can actually start to see exactly how massive this thing is.

I’ll be honest: my internet died while we were working on the platform. I came back an hour or so later and found this crazy ladder shaft built. That’s cobblestone, glass, white wool and blue wool all the way to the top. Why? I have no idea.

And here’s the top of the platform itself. In the center is another creation that happened while I was away from my computer; some sort of water fountain. Again, no idea.

And there it is. Standing on the top of the platform looking down at the logo. It’s far enough away that it doesn’t look super sharp there. Each letter is around 11 blocks in length. We actually had to build land beneath the extremities of the logo. If you look behind the “A,” you can see a bit of the shelter we built for night time.

Yes, we play on Survival mode when we’re building. It makes things more interesting.

This is the logo as unobstructed as we could manage. We actually had to play lumberjack and clear a bunch of trees from the front of the logo in order to see the whole thing. It’s huge.

Click the picture above to get to a 1280×800 sized image for use as a wallpaper.

What else would you like to see constructed in Minecraft?