The first official Minecraft Convention is being dubbed MineCon and it will be held this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. PC Gamer revealed the news that Minecon will be happen over November 18th and 19th and is a convention meant for fans.

The game’s creator, Markus “Notch” Persson, spoke about what the convention means to him and the Mojang team.

“For me, MineCon is about celebrating the full release of Minecraft…I’m really looking forward to getting up on stage and pushing the button to upload the final build.”

The official registration site for the event is not live yet. It’s slated to go up sometime next week, and tickets are bound to go incredibly fast. Fans are clamoring to celebrate their love for Minecraft in a large group, and a convention put on by the game’s creator will likely go far to entice players from around the world.

In talking with PC Gamer, Notch made sure to clear up any misconceptions that Minecraft is done after release day. They will keep building their game even after the beta phase is complete.

“We’ll just go back home and keep working on Minecraft directly after MineCon, but it does represent a huge milestone where the game finally leaves beta, something we’d never been able to do without our fans, so it feels natural to celebrate it with them.”

Once the official price is announced and tickets go on sale, we’ll be sure to spread the good word. Do us a favor, though. Get working on the most ridiculous Minecraft cosplay you can conceive. Take a picture of yourselves and send it in to us. Who knows, we may round up all of your blocky stylings and do up a nice feature about them.

Because we care.

Stay tuned for more as it comes.

[via PC Gamer]