Minecraft verizon

Sorry everyone, but there's one less outlet for you to pander your products onto other people. Minecraft developer Mojang has just updated its commercial usage guidelines, and permission to use Minecraft as a commercial for your goods is out.

Mojang made it clear that the new guidelines "do not authorize commercial companies, corporate brands, advertising agencies, non-profits, or governments to use or exploit Minecraft for promoting products or services unrelated to Minecraft."

However, it will allow fans to continuing using Minecraft as a place to recreate brands and iconic video game characters for fun, so long as they aren't being paid by anyone to do it.

However, since we do love the idea of players and fans doing cool things and sharing them with the community, and we realize that sometimes you need to charge to cover your costs, the following explains what we (currently) consider to be commercial use / commercial things. This may change as time goes by but for now we hope that it helps you understand what you can and can't do, and helps Minecraft fans do more (and limit those that try to go too far).

We have therefore drafted these Guidelines to allow some leniency with respect to limited commercial activity as outlined below. They don't form part of the Policies but they exist because we currently think it is a good idea to let some of these things happen. Please note that we reserve the right to change our mind at any time (such as if people start to take advantage of our good intentions). So please don't count on these Guidelines always being here or in the specific form they are right now.

So building that giant Final Fantasy Black Mage, totally acceptable. Taking money to promote political campaigns, raise money for non-profits, or sell a product are all a huge no-no.