Before we get to it, the game is not available…yet. Microsoft has simply put the avatar goodies featuring Minecraft elements up for sale on the Xbox LIVE marketplace.

For those unfamiliar with the Xbox avatars, understand that just about every single game released today does so with its own set of unique avatar items. Things like shirts, hats, pants and pets make the roster of extras for purchase. They range in price from as little as 80 Points to more than 240 Points. They're a good, if not cheesy, way for companies to make a little extra scratch when it comes to hocking their wares on fans.

For Minecraft, players will be able to buy things like a diamond sword, a creeper pet, a wolf pet, a creeper head, a Steve head, a Notch hat, a creeper t-shirt, a Minecraft t-shirt or a Minecraft cape.

If you're curious about what your avatar might look like in one of these fresh, new, Mojang themed duds, you can head to the marketplace page on your browser, log in and click "Try on" next to your item of choice. That's what I did to get the image you see to the right. And, yes, that is unicorn poop on my shirt. I earned it in a DeathSpank game.

As we mentioned at the head of this story, the game itself has not launched for the Xbox 360 yet. That's still slated to happen eventually (read that as: later this year). If you want to get a jump on the Minecraft celebration on your Xbox 360, however, you can snag the avatar stuff now.

As more comes for Minecraft, both on the computer and Xbox 360 platforms, we'll have it for you. If you haven't done so already, be sure to check out TechnoBuffalo's own Minecraft server: our IP is

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