Minecraft 1.8 has only been out for a single week, you say? Notch, the game’s creator, and the Mojang crew must surely be taking a break for a bit, you say?

Nonsense, I reply!

Notch has been up to no good (in the best sense of the phrase) on Twitter as he’s announced two new changes bound for the Minecraft universe. First and foremost, he’ll be nerfing the annoying block carrying traits of the Endermen. You know, the guys that stand around your fancy towns, villages and monoliths, breaking them down block by block… that, apparently, wasn’t Notch’s best work. Here’s his Tweet regarding the mob’s move to nerf-dom:

By the way, I will nerf the endermen block carrying. It was a horrible idea.

I’d call them annoying, absolutely, but horrible wouldn’t enter my line of criticism against the Endermen.

But wait, there’s more! Notch also decided to add a new, friendly mob to Minecraft 1.9. Pictured above, the world of miners and crafters is getting snowmen. According to Notch, these mobs will be craft-able, they’ll only stay frozen in snow biomes, they’ll chuck snowballs at enemy mobs and they’ll spread snow as they walk.

Notch did not indicate how these snowmen can be crafted. We also don’t know if they’re the type of mob that patrols an area or follows their crafters. He just tossed the above image on Twitter and briefly detailed all that I covered in the paragraph above.

So, fans of Minecraft, how do you see these two changes? Did the Endermen’s block carrying deserve nerfing? Will snowmen be one of the new additions that you anticipate most? Or is this all a little too much tomfoolery for you liking?

As more on Minecraft 1.9 is announced, we’ll be sure to snatch it up and float it out to you.

[via Twitter]