Team Mojang and Markus “Notch” Persson, creator of Minecraft, seem to be in the mood for animal love. The Minecraft experience is set to get animal breeding with the next large update of Minecraft 1.9. While this has already been discussed, Notch just Tweeted the image you see above of the, we’ll say it, blocky, adorable baby animals.

Breeding is said to work by feeding animals wheat, making them enter love mode (hearts will float above their heads) and getting them … together. The resulting baby animals will create livestock for you to cultivate. Instead of spending days hunting down sheep for wool, you’ll be able to spend hours wrangling them into a pen and making magic happen. Which, clearly, is something we’re all pumped to do.

In addition to the baby animals you see above, Notch also posted a screenshot of enchanted armor. We covered Minecraft‘s brand new, upcoming enchantment tables, but this is the first shot Notch has shared concerning equipment that has magic imbued upon it. It looks … pink.

Notch did indicate that screenshots from in-game do not actually do the enchantments justice. Apparently, they’ve got a more glowing sheen to them then simple pictures can portray, so don’t go assuming enchanted armor just makes it all pink-ish.

Both of these new features, along with a pile of other content, are planned for more iterations of Minecraft 1.9. Also set for 1.9 are new mobs, new sound effects, better fences, content for the nether, skills, snow biomes and much, much more.

We’ll have more on the updates as them come.