Minecraft 1.8, also known as The Adventure Update, will release sometime shortly after PAX Prime. Notch will demo the build at the Mojang booth during the conference and release it to players after the show ends. This puts Minecraft 1.8 on schedule for the end of August.

We’ve grown so impatient and have started dreaming about what’s to come. As such, we decided to jot down our three most anticipated features for the Adventure Update. Here they are in no particular order whatsoever.

The Endermen

The Endermen are the kind of creepy, terrifying we can easily get behind. The only visual that’s surfaced is the one you see above, and that one’s actually been doctored up to be a bit brighter than the actual shot posted by Notch, Minecraft‘s creator.

Notch explained the nature of the Endermen a while back. Essentially, they’ll mill about in a given space near players moving blocks around. They will be passive until players look directly at them; directly as in centering their cursors on a single mob. Once that happens, the Endermen will stop dead and stare back at the player. Once the player moves their cursor away from the mob, they will teleport or sprint at players and attack.

The only permanent defense? Wearing a pumpkin on your head.

Stackable Food

If you’re playing survival mode and you’re out exploring, you need every bit of inventory space possible for the goods you find on your journey. That said, once night falls and zombies, spiders and skeletons are trying to murder you, having an extra stock of food at your disposal is an absolute requirement.

In Minecraft 1.8, food is now stackable. Rather than occupying 10 good slots in your inventory for 10 pieces of pork, you’ll be able to delegate food to one single block of space in your virtual satchel. That leaves plenty of slots for pumpkins, flowers, squid ink and wool.


Tired of walking? Us too. Thank goodness for sprinting.

Sprinting seems like one of those things that we won’t absolutely love until we try. It’ll be like getting the bike in any Pokémon game. You never knew how slow you were walking until you hopped up on your bike. In Minecraft 1.8, sprinting will occur when players double-tap forward while walking.

Sprinting is not infinite and will likely deplete your food bar, another new addition to Minecraft.

Honorable mention: Fence gates, new sound for rain, more diverse combat, flight mode, creative mode, ruins and giant mushrooms.

What are you most excited for in Minecraft 1.8?

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