Notch, one of the two most talkative designers behind the breakout indie success, Minecraft, has posted a small update to his blog concerning the current status of the next update. Minecraft 1.8 is going to be massive with more than 40 changes planned. Moreover, it’s become known as the Adventure Update because of the style of content and gameplay changes within the patch itself. According to Notch, he and Jeb (the other of the two most talkative designers), have elected to keep a bulk of the changes due in 1.8 a secret. However, they’ve slowly been leaking screenshots and suggestive tidbits to keep us interested and to keep themselves from going bonkers. Last week saw two new images surface that showed both NPC villages and ruins. In a post on The Word of Notch, Minecraft 1.8 is labelled “Coming Soon.” The article boasted the epic logo you see above, and a roster of 1.8 details revealed to-date. Here’s that list:

  • NPC villages
  • Randomly generated dungeons
  • New biome code
  • Fully working Creative Mode (and individual admins can enter Creative Mode on a Survival Mode server if they choose)
  • Critical hits
  • Sprinting
  • More farming options

Sprinting and critical hits mark some of the more mechanical changes to the gameplay. Notch explained sprinting briefly on Google+; double tap forward to run. He was looking for a downside to the sprinting, but did not indicate what it would be. Critical hits may add spice to fighting that’s always been a little dry. Now, this is just us hoping and guessing, but look at that logo above. Consider the notion of being able to hold a torch in your offhand while exploring caverns. You’d constantly have a light source. Maybe one that expired over time, sure, but it would be great to keep that light with you always. It could be that the sword in one hand, torch in the other look above was drawn simply for artistic purposes. But we can dream, right? 1.8 has not been slated for a release date yet. We’ll have that news as it comes. [via The Word of Notch]

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